About CUES

CUES has been providing education services to inner-city Omaha since 1975 but today we are so much more than that.
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What does CUES stand for?

CUES used to stand for Christian Urban Education Services but today we just go by CUES.

CUES Today: Governance & Funding

For many Catholic schools, the older parish school model of governance is no longer effective, especially for schools that are located in the inner-city. In 2018, the CUES board addressed the importance of sustainability for the three schools. They realized there was a need to create two separate arms of the organization, one responsible for governance and the other for funding.

Governance arm
The CUES School System is a  501c3 responsible for governing the 3 schools within the CUES School System: Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name.

Funding arm
The CUES Fund is a non-religious 501c3. The fund’s sole purpose is to work with the CUES Fund development office to fully fund the CUES School System.

What do we do and why are we unique?

The CUES School System provides quality education with individualized student and family support to a majority of low income students and families.

Today, CUES is now among the most unique education models in the country. Each arm of the organization is accountable to distinct boards, with talents specifically related to either governing or funding.

Why is this mission so important?

Inner-city schools play a vital role in keeping our communities strong and vibrant. CUES has been supporting inner city Omaha since 1975. Since expanding our mission, we are impacting even more students and families at minimal cost to them based on their specific needs.

How can you help?

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