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CUES Schools

School Information

  • Sacred Heart has been educating north Omaha students, kindergarten through eighth grade, for over 100 years.

    In order to serve its low‐income community, CUES fundraises the majority of the educational costs for students attending the school. Due to the fundraising efforts of CUES, parents are able to give their children high‐quality education they would otherwise be unable to afford.

    The mission of Sacred Heart School is to provide an atmosphere wherein the child can grow in his/her relationship with Christ and with others through an educational program which stresses moral responsibility, hope, love, and justice.


    • Opened in 1904 at 2205 Binney Street
    • 96% of students qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch*
    • 78% African American, 10% African, 8% Multicultural, 3% Latino, and 1% Asian*
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    Open in 1955 as St. Frances Cabrini, and renamed in 1989, All Saints Catholic School serves a predominantly Catholic population from a number of east Omaha parishes.

    Like Sacred Heart, All Saints educates low‐income students in kindergarten through eighth grade and parents pay a small portion of the total cost to educate their child. All Saints School has the distinction of serving a large and growing Sudanese and English Second Language Learner (ESL) population, which accounts for 73% of the student body.

    The mission of All Saints Catholic School is to create a safe learning environment for our culturally diverse students. We strive to meet Archdiocesan and Nebraska State Standards as determined by ongoing assessments. We commit to recognizing and nurturing individual academic abilities while supporting the intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. Our goal is to guide our students toward fulfilling their God‐given potential.


    • Opened in 1955 as St. Frances Cabrini at 10th and William Street
    • 80% of students qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch*
    • 42% African, 29% Latino, 18% Caucasian, 6% Multicultural, 4% African American, and 1% Asian*
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  • Holy Name School also serves an east Omaha population with the addition of a pre‐kindergarten program to its K‐8 offerings.

    Though Holy Name School also serves a low‐income population. Parents work with school staff to determine their total contribution.

    The mission of Holy Name School is to educate children of diverse backgrounds to be academically prepared, compassionate toward others, and rooted in the Catholic Christian community.


    • Opened in 1918 at 2901 Fontenelle Blvd.
    • 63% of students qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch*
    • 36% African American, 25% Caucasian, 22% African, 10% Latino, and 7% Multicultural*
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* Based on 2016–17 School Year

Why are CUES supported schools successful?

As with most success stories, hard work and compassion are reasons why CUES supported schools succeed. It is a community effort that includes CUES staff, board of directors and trustee members, generous donors, school faculty and administration, and most importantly, the children. For a child, despair is a hard thing to learn through. CUES is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing these children a guiding light through education to succeed and accomplish great things at the highest levels.

We do this through:
  • Academically rigorous curriculum
  • Smaller class sizes of 15–18 students
  • Community engagement and involvement
  • Mentorship programs
  • Religious education