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Established in 1975

Started as the Christian Urban Education Service, CUES began by providing financial support and operational guidance to Sacred Heart School. The success with the children, parents, and faculty became quickly evident and has grown to make a measurable impact on the community at large. CUES, one of the pioneers of this educational support model, has been recognized nationally and has served as inspiration for similar programs nationwide. Students supported by CUES have gone on to achieve some of the highest high school graduation, college attendance, and employment rates, outperforming national averages.

My husband, John (Kenefick, CUES Founder), had a great passion for children, education and the community. I’m proud that his legacy will continue and is now helping more students than ever.”

Hani Kenefick

In 2012, CUES expanded its mission to welcome two additional schools. All Saints and Holy Name Schools are now CUES supported schools and receive annual grants and disbursements. With additional students to support comes the additional need for resources, and we are reaching out to everyone within the community to help us provide these children the opportunity that all children deserve – a quality values‐based education in a safe and structured environment.