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Board of Trustees

The success of CUES relies not only on the generosity of our donors, but on the selflessness of those who are willing to get involved as the banner carriers for our efforts. To make our mission successful, it takes the skills and vision of people who have done this in their own lives, businesses, and community work.

We are grateful for the years of dedication given by current and past board of directors and trustees, and staff members.

2017 Board of Trustees
  • Mrs. Nancy Abboud
  • Mrs. Cindy Bay
  • Mrs. Susan Blumkin
  • Mr. Gregg Classen
  • Mr. Richard Coffey
  • Mr. Duane Dowd
  • Mrs. Carol Dvorak
  • Mrs. Sharon Emery
  • Mrs. Barbara Fitzgerald
  • Mrs. Judy Haney
  • Mr. Richard Hautzinger
  • Mr. Charles Heider
  • Mrs. Mary Heider
  • Mrs. M. Jane Huerter
  • Mr. Michael Leighton
  • Mr. Owen Neary
  • Mrs. Diane Nelson
  • Mr. Thomas Nichting
  • Mr. William O’Connor
  • Mr. John Reed
  • Mr. Robert Reed
  • Mr. Alcurtis Robinson
  • Mr. Scott Schmidt
  • Mr. Wayne Simmonds
  • Mr. James Skinner
  • Mrs. Teddi Slattery
  • Mr. Joseph Sullivan Jr.
  • Mr. Ron Wilwerding