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Letter from Fr. Dave

I feel blessed to be a part of an amazing organization with a mission to help provide a bright future for children through a solid educational foundation.

Following a person like Fr. Tom Fangman has its challenges. There is no manual – or classes in the seminary – for following a legend!!

Because of all the good work that Fr. Tom has done to set me up for success, I feel it is a blessing to follow him. I might even get sympathy from many of you because you realize the challenge it is to follow him. Hey, whatever it takes, I am not above pulling the sympathy card!

I am very impressed with all three of the schools that CUES supports. We have dedicated and talented people in all of the schools. We have parents who trust us with their children every day. We have students who want to do their best and be pushed to be better. But the fact of the matter is that without the support of our benefactors, we would not be able to offer the caring, yet challenging, education that we provide for our students.

I pray that you will continue to support us and help us change lives for the better.

May God bless and keep you!


Fr. Dave Korth